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CheckerPlayer is a powerful and completely free interface and playing engine for American Checkers / English Draughts.

CheckerPlayer runs on Windows 10 and later and is available on the ZoeZap website.

Interface Features[edit][]

Built-in playing engine
Options to include other engines
Endgame databases
Adjustable boards, pieces, piece size and fonts
12 board styles, 8 piece styles
Adjustable piece movement
Game database management with drag/drop
Database filters
PDN validation
PDN multi-select
Game editor
Duplicate finder
Tag replacement
Opening book settings
User books
Game style – GAYP, 3-move, 11-man, 2-move
Game comments and move strength indicators
Search for positions. themes and tags
Engine matches
Recover previous games
Printing games (with diagrams)
Exporting games to HTML
Position setup
Copy/paste multiple games and FEN tags
Easy management of player names and events
Human vs computer mode
Two-player mode
Infinite Analysis mode
Automated game analysis
Game replay
Training levels
Time controls
Match adjudication settings
Sound effects
Sample game database

Engine Features[edit][]

CheckerPlayer has a built-in playing engine ("ZoeEngine") and also supports 3rd party engines such as Kingsrow.

Opening book (GAYP and 11-man) with strength options
Built-in endgame database – Win/Loss/Draw and Distance-To-Win
Can use larger downloaded endgame databases
Adjustable hash table and database settings


CheckerPlayer Interface


The website contains extensive documentation and a link to the Microsoft Store for download.

CheckerPlayer Website