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Variants of the checkers family are often represented in films. Sometimes merely as decoration, often with a deeper, symbolic meaning. Film genres include documentaries, animations, comedies, science-fiction films, and thrillers.

With more than 370 films listed, this filmography shows that checkers is second in popularity just after chess.

It should also be noted that more than 60 silent movies, which showed Checkers, might not have survived. Film researchers presume that about 85% of all the films made during the silent era are lost due to burns, wars or neglect.


Literal Meaning[]

These films refer literally to checkers, the boardgame.

Title Year Director Distributor Running time Languages Genre Description
P'Chai My Hero 2015 Josh Kim (independent) 80 Minutes Thai Gay Comedy-Drama Oat wants desperately to beat Ek at checkers. It’s a deal the brothers have, and if Oat wins, he’ll get anything he wants (photo).
I'm Winning (Grey's Anatomy - Season 10, Episode 19) 2014 Kevin McKidd ABC 49 Minutes English Drama Alex checks out Braden who isn't interested in playing checkers or chess with Alex. He says he wants to play with someone his own age.
The Empty Hours 2014 Aaron Fernandez Strand Releasing 100 Minutes English Drama Sebastian scaling the motel walls to get a cellphone signal, passing time playing checkers with crushed bottle caps for pieces.
Episode 4416 (Sesame Street) 2013 Bob Phillips & Mike Renzi Sesame Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Cookie Monster Plays (Eats) Checkers (video).
Milka. Trau dich zart zu sein. 2013 (?) Milka 1 Minute German Commercial The purple cow isn't good at playing checkers (video).
Rabbidocchio (Rabbids Invasion #34) 2013 Franz Kirchner Nickelodeon 7 Minutes English/French/German Animation An old man plays checkers with a wooden Rabbid puppet (video).
A Little Bit Zombie 2012 Casey Walker Cave Painting Pictures 87 Minutes English Comedy Horror Two friends playing checkers in their family's cabin.
Happy New Year 2012 K. Lorrel Manning One Light Left 104 Minutes English Drama Lewis plays checkers with Gunny (video excerpt).
Hatfields & McCoys (Part 1) 2012 Kevin Reynolds History 95 Minutes English Drama, Crime Playing Checkers.
The Art of Discource (Community - Season 1, Episode 22) 2012 Adam Davidson Krasnoff Foster Productions 21 Minutes English Comedy Abed and Troy are playing checkers.
Big Brother 13 (Big Brother U.S.) 2011 Robyn Kass Endemol USA [Non Stop] English Reality TV Dominic & Daniele play jelly bean checkers(video).
Chess Not Checkers (HIP HOP STARZ) 2011 Anton 'Brownbilly' Mitchell Mitchell & Lee Films 5 Minutes English Music Video Mentions checkers ("like chess not checkers") - but only shows chess. (video).
Luxus auf dem Meer - Die Geschichte der Kreuzfahrt (Part 1) 2011 Reinhard Jakosch & Annette Sander ARD 45 Minutes German Documentary Includes a game of checkers filmed in the 1930s (part 2 also shows Chess).
Masha + Kacha (Masha i Medved') - Episode 16 2011 (?) Animaccord Studios 7 Minutes Russian Animation How to learn Checkers (video).
Maurice at Peace The Penguins of Madagascar - Season 2, Episode 42) 2011 Nick Filippi & Ant Ward DreamWorks Animation 24 Minutes English Animation King Julien: "Uh, checkers!" Then Julien whips out a checkers board with a yoyo, a small shoe, an ace, a screwdriver, a peanut, a game piece, and two die on it.
Checkers 2010 Ryan Pence The Clapboard Studios 4 Minutes English Short Film A girl tries to play checkers with her toy cow (video).
Checkers at 9th and S 2010 Kaveh Rezaei & Peggy Fleming [Independent] 10 Minutes English Mini Documentary About members of the Capital Pool Checkers Men's Club in Washington DC (photo; video).
Cool Dog 2010 Danny Lerner M2 Films 88 Minutes English Comedy The dog shoots tennis balls at some punk kids, attacks some New York thugs, covers his eyes during scary movies, plays checkers (and wins), plays guitar, plays piano, and orders hot dogs.
Grilled Cheesus (Glee) 2010 Alfonso Gomez-Rejon FOX Broadcasting Company 44 Minutes English Musical Comedy-Drama While playing checkers, Sue asks her sister, Jean, if she believes in God, admitting that she doesn't because of the cruelty Jean experienced.
Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak 2010 Ahmad Idham Metrowealth MIC 90 Minutes Malay Horror / Comedy A short checkers scene at a street cafe.
King Me 2010 Geoff Yaw [Independent] 80 Minutes English Documentary King Me explores the, sometimes surreal, world of competitive checkers play as seen through the eyes of South African township resident (full movie).
O chyom govoryat muzhchiny 2010 Dmitriy Dyachenko Kinokompaniya "Kvadrat" 93 Minutes Russian, Ukrainian Comedy Quote: "Wins - losing! We play checkers, they play in the giveaway."
[ Operation: Cooties (The Penguins of Madagascar - Season 2, Episode 10) 2009 Nick Filippi DreamWorks Animation 24 Minutes English Animation While the chimps were playing checkers, King Julien jumps in, ruins the game and tells them that Marlene is coming.
Style and Grace 2010 Linda Friend [Independent] 40 Minutes English Creative Documentary The film celebrates a sector of the Madison community made up of the patrons of the salon who stop by to play checkers, to catch up with friends, and to ruminate on current events.
A Hindu's Indictment of Heaven 2009 Dev Khanna Ouat Media 11 Minutes English Short Film / Comedy St. Peter plays checkers.
Dominoes and Checkers 2009 Alexander Gornovsky Mosfilm Cinema Concern 16 Minutes Russian Mini Documentary Board game competition (dominoes and draughts) between inmates of a Russian mental hospital.
Episode 4191 (Sesame Street) 2009 Kevin Clash, Ken Diego & Jim Martin Sesame Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Telly and Baby Bear get too hot to play tag, so Chris suggests they play checkers.
Hannah Free 2009 Wendy Jo Carlton Ripe Fruit Films 85 Minutes English Lesbian Romance Quote: "Rachel, one last game of checkers? I'll let you win. - My turn."
I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell 2009 Bob Gosse Freestyle Releasing 105 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "Well, what do you want to do, Dan? Play checkers?"
Like This 2009 Dedrick Rolison ("Mack 10") BET 4 Minutes English Music Video Quote: " Homey,this ain't checkers, this a game of chess" (official video).
Mask of the Raccoon (The Penguins of Madagascar - Season 1, Episode 16) 2009 Nick Filippi DreamWorks Animation 24 Minutes English Animation The chimpanzees know how to play checkers.
Needle Point The Penguins of Madagascar - Season 1, Episode 19) 2009 Nick Filippi DreamWorks Animation 24 Minutes English Animation Mason: "Phil, I don't know how to break this to you. There is no checkmate in checkers."
Owl and Rabbit Play Checkers 2009 David B. Levy & Robert M. Charde [Independent] 6 Minutes English Animation Mismatched pals Owl and Rabbit are supposed to be meeting to play checkers, but today Rabbit has a different plan in mind (photo).
Untouchable (The Penguins of Madagascar - Season 1, Episode 38) 2009 Nick Filippi DreamWorks Animation 24 Minutes English Animation Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico see Private in a robot suit playing checkers with Barry.
Wojna polsko-ruska 2009 Xawery Żuławski Film Media S.A. 108 Minutes Polish Drama Quote: "Just don't catch a cold, and don't trip, and watch your head, and drop by sometime to play checkers. I'm crazy for checkers." (video).
Bedtime Stories 2008 Adam Shankman Walt Disney Pictures 99 Minutes English Fantasy-comedy Quote: "'Fair' as in 'doesn't cheat at checkers'?"
Bible Fruit (Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Season 5, Episode 9) 2008 Matt Maiellaro & Dave Willis Cartoon Network 15 Minutes English Animation As Bert Banana tears up the Aqua Teen's house looking for a fix of "booger sugar," liquor or anything to give him a buzz, Frylock and Meatwad civilly play checkers on the lawn.
Checkers 2008 Brad Porter Red & Black Productions 4.5 Minutes English Short Film Playing checkers at the ending of life (video).
Der Mondbär - Das große Kinoabenteuer 2008 Thomas Bodenstein, Mike Maurus & Hubert Weiland Universum Film 78 Minutes German Animation Moon Bear is playing draughts with the Moon.
Madagascar:_Escape_2_Africa Escape 2 Africa 2008 Tom McGrath & Eric Darnell Paramount Pictures 89 Minutes English Animation Mason: "I believe that's checkmate!" (playing checkers whith Phil) .
How to Play Checkers 2008 Damon Wolf & Lee Wolochuk [Independent] 8 Minutes English Short Film / Animation A moosehead looks on as a competitive game of checkers morphs into so much more (photo; video).
Le Jeu de Dames 2008 Irene de Lucas [Independent] 20 Minutes French Short Film / Comedy The film establishes a parallelism between the game of seduction and the game of draughts.
Lokas 2008 Gonzalo Justiniano Sahara Films 90 Minutes Spanish Comedy Quote: "You're bored! We can pIay something. I have checkers, chess, or Chinese checkers... - No, man, I don't want to pIay anything."
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas 2008 Mark Herman Miramax Films 94 Minutes English Drama Bruno brings Shmuel food and plays draughts with him through the fence of the concentration camp.
The Grand 2008 Zak Penn Anchor Bay Entertainment 104 Minutes English Improv Comedy Quote: " I could take one of my kids to Disney World, and I had what I called the World Series of Checkers. They were going to play seven checker games. The winner was going to go to Disney World."
War Games: The Dead Code 2008 Stuart Gillard Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) 100 Minutes English Drama When the computer is being bombarded with online games, popups of go games can be seen among games of chess, checkers, etc.
Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins 2008 Malcolm D. Lee Universal Pictures 114 Minutes English Comedy Playing checkers (video excerpt).
Episode 4160 (Sesame Street) 2007 Kevin Clash, Ken Diego & Victor DiNapoli Sesame Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty are playing a game of checkers, but her narcolepsy frustrates the prince.
Episode 4158 (Sesame Street) 2007 Kevin Clash, Ken Diego & Victor DiNapoli Sesame Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Elmo is looking forward to playing checkers with Gina, but it becomes difficult because Marco needs his mommy's attention.
Episode 4139 (Sesame Street) 2007 Kevin Clash, Ken Diego & Victor DiNapoli Sesame Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Elmo wants to play tag, but Zoe wants to play checkers.
FCU: Fact Checkers Unit (Episode 1) 2007 Dan Beers Moxie Pictures 9 Minutes English Short Film Murray invites the fact checkers to watch television with him; after M*A*S*H, the three share drinks, read, play checkers, play catch while Murray does his ironing, and play "Chopsticks" on the piano (video).
Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity 2007 Michael Simon Comedy Central TV 80 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "And what kind of battle? -Checkers. Every time l`d get a king, he`d blow it up." (video).
Kabadayi 2007 Ömer Vargı Fida Film 140 Minutes Turkish Drama Quote: "Come for coffee tomorrow morning. We can play draughts."
Love’s Unending Legacy 2007 Mark Griffiths Hallmark Channel 84 Minutes English Christian Drama Clark played checkers with Matty while Missie and Marty have their time together.
Remember When (The Sopranos - Season 6, Episode 15) 2007 Phil Abraham HBO 58 Minutes English Drama Uncle Junior and Carter are playing a game of checkers.
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium 2007 Zach Helm 20th Century Fox 95 Minutes English Fantasy Eric Applebaum: "Do you like to play checkers?"
More Than Just A Game 2007 Junaid Ahmed Distant Horizon 89 Minutes English Drama Quote: "Chess and cards, which we made out of cardboards, or draughts, which was made out of pieces of soap or even wood. And of course there was Ludo."
Norbit 2007 Brian Robbins Paramount Pictures 102 Minutes English Comedy Norbit and Kate were always together, played checkers together, peed together, and even got married under a tree, when they lived in an orphanage.
S neue Schpil (Guetnachtgschichtli: Dragon Alphons de blau Drache - Season 3, Episode 58) 2007 Thomas Schneider-Trumpp SRF 15 Minutes Swiss German Animation Dragon and Beaver play their favorite games: Checkers, juggling and belching (photo).
Szalency 2007 Pawel Wendorff SPI International 83 Minutes Polish Comedy Quote: "The hotel was empty, you could pick and choose. But no longer. 100 checkers players checked in today. - Checkers players? - Yes. It's a tournament."
The Comebacks 2007 Tom Brady Fox Atomic 107 Minutes English Satirical Comedy Quote: "People talk about you. You cheat at checkers."
The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters 2007 Seth Gordon Picturehouse / Dendy Cinemas 79 Minutes English Documentary Film Quote: "Games, checkers, cards, Present and past. Show me even a nun or a hermit who has not played cards or checkers."
The Snuke (South Park - Season 11, Episode 4 2007 Trey Parker Parker-Stone Studios 21 Minutes English, German Animated Comedy Bahir plays checkers with Butters. Quote: Butters: Hey, Bahir, uh since we get to go home, you wanna come over uh, play checkers? Bahir: Sure. (video (in German)).
Vergiftete Geschenke - Wie die EU Afrika in die Armut treibt 2007 Ralph Quinke, Lutz Ackermann, Klaus Brinkbäumer & Beate Schwarz SPIEGEL TV 93 Minutes German Documentary Short checkers scene on a fish trawler.
Wonderful Town 2007 Aditya Assarat Memento Films 85 Minutes Thai Drama Young people ride motorcycles, play snooker, and get drunk. Old people play checkers, and complain, and remember better times in the past.
Bobby 2006 Emilio Estevez The Weinstein Company 120 Minutes English Biographical Film Robert F. Kennedy claims that checkers is not as intimidating as chess. Quote: "It scares people, intimidates them, and that's why they invented checkers." (video excerpt).
Checkers 2006 Kyle Lemke & Jaimz Asmundson [Independent] 3 Minutes English Short Film A couple of slackers spend the afternoon at home, playing a paranoid game of checkers, while in a drug-induced haze.
Cracked China (Robot Chicken) 2006 Matthew Senreich ShadowMachine Films 11 Minutes English Comedy / Animation A game of checkers leads to an interstellar war (video).
Episode 4132 (Sesame Street) 2006 Bob Phillips & Mike Renzi Sesame Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Big Bird and Snuffy want to play with Marco. They suggest baseball, roller skating, pogo stick jumping, and checkers as activities...but Marco's not old enough.
Episode 4124 (Sesame Street) 2006 Bob Phillips & Mike Renzi Sesame Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Gabi and Miles engross themselves in a game of checkers, but realize that they're missing a playing piece. The caped Slimey appears and curls up into a checker piece, winning the appreciation of the cast.
Fly Boys 2006 Tony Bill Electric Entertainment 140 Minutes English, French, German Action Checkers and Chess being played in the bar.
Full Faith and Credit (Deadwood - Season 3, Episode 4) 2006 Ed Bianchi Home Box Office (HBO) 51 Minutes English Drama Alma gazes out the window while Ellsworth and Sofia play checkers by the soft glow of kerosene lamps.
Kubrador 2006 Jeffrey Jeturian MLR Films 98 Minutes Tagalog Drama Quote: "Wait, the one who will play checkers can play inside. - They can also play outside. Salvie will put up a tent."
Le Jeu de Dames 2006 Jayson Sansol Obscure Film 2 Minutes [Instrumental Music] Short Film A strange person is playing checkers alone in a cave.
Running with Scissors 2006 Ryan Murphy TriStar Pictures 116 Minutes (122 Minutes DVD Release) English Comedy-drama Quote: "Wanna play checkers, Dad?"
Tell Him Something Pretty (Deadwood - Season 3, Episode 12) 2006 Mark Tinker Home Box Office (HBO) 50 Minutes English Drama Rutherford is playing checkers with a despondent Steve.
Tell Your God to be Ready for Blood (Deadwood - Season 3, Episode 1) 2006 Mark Tinker Home Box Office (HBO) 53 Minutes English Drama Ellsworth and Sophia play checkers and worry about Alma.
The Monster of Phantom Lake 2006 Christopher R. Mihm Saint Euphoria Pictures 97 Minutes English Comedy / Science Fiction Quote: "Your move, Mr. Pierce. - Like I said, Mr. F, checkers is hard enough. I don't get this game. - Play."
A Lie Agreed Upon: Part II (Deadwood - Season 2, Episode 2) 2005 Ed Bianchi Home Box Office (HBO) 51 Minutes English Drama Stubbs: "It ain't checkers Honey, don't be jumping one over another."'
Bonfire of the Manatees (The Simpsons) 2005 Mark Kirkland 20th Television 30 Minutes English Satire / Animation Homer is playing Checkers with a rooster and is, of course, losing.
Checkers 2005 Bob Hummer First Team Productions & Montana Twenty 86 Minutes English Dark Comedy The Checker game ends up causing an explosion where you see who the dad really was.
Cry Wolf 2005 Jeff Wadlow Universal Pictures 90 Minutes English Horror / Slasher Murder Mystery Doger makes a deragoratory remark about Checkers: "You guys have no imagination. It's like your playing checkers... And I'm playing chess. ".
El Método 2005 Marcelo Piñeyro Palm Pictures 115 Minutes English, French, Spanish Thriller Quote:"Of course, but we're not arguing about playing cards or checkers."
Folge 2300 (Sesamstraße) 2005 (?) NDR 25 Minutes German Animation Elmo tries playing checkers with Gloria. Repeated in "Folge" (Episode) 2420.
Iznogoud: Calife à la place du calife 2005 Patrick Braoudé Vertigo 95 Minutes French Animation Quote: "Your highness! Continue our game? - Chess is too complicated for me. - Checkers? - No, I am getting a headache! - Games bore him… Even women! We won't get an heir to the throne."
The Bad News Ghouls/House of No Tomorrow (Grim & Evil) 2005 Robert Alvarez, Brian Sheesley & Juli Murphy Castle Creek Productions / Cartoon Network 30 Minutes English Animation Master Control (the computer of the future) says: "My intelligence is beyond measure, I know everything there is to know, and I'm not too shabby at checkers."
The Emperor's New Groove 2: Kronk's New Groove 2005 Elliot M. Bour & Saul Andrew Blinkoff The Walt Disney Company 75 Minutes English Animated Musical Comedy A checkers board is shown.
The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till 2005 Keith Beauchamp Till Freedom Come Productions, LLC 70 Minutes English Documentary A witness recalls some people playing checkers (video).
The Whores Can Come (Deadwood - Episode 2, Season 11) 2005 Gregg Fienberg Home Box Office (HBO) 47 Minutes English Drama Alma Garret: "I've wished sometimes only to play checkers or to occupy myself some other way than having to see and feel so much sadness, or feel every moment how difficult things are, to understand or to live with."
Their Eyes Were Watching God 2005 Darnell Martin ABC, Harpo Films 113 Minutes English Drama Some of the locals gather up to play checkers in front of the Starks' shop. As Janie is standing there with them watching them play, Amos Hicks admires her hair and lightly touches it.
Wedding Crashers 2005 David Dobkin New Line Cinema 119 Minutes English Comedy, Romance Jeremy Grey confessed to Father O'Neill: "We used to play checkers with each other every day, and bless his heart, Shiloh would always let me win!"
Barbershop 2: Back in Business 2004 Kevin Rodney Sullivan Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 106 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "Checker Fred, back to checkers."
Big Brother 5 (Big Brother Germany) 2004 (?) Endemol (24h live broadcast) German Reality Television Show Countless draughts scenes, which include: Franziska and Karim playing draughts, also Frank and Sascha and then Thomas and Jerry (June 2); Thomi, Karim, Frank and Sascha having a draughts tournament (June 3); Jerry playing draughts with Karim, then Frank with Mark (June 5) - archived diary.
Das neue Spiel (Dragon: Der kleine dicke Drache - Season 3, Episode 58) 2004 Thomas Schneider-Trumpp scopas Medien AG / Cité Amérique / ZDF / ZDF Enterprises 15 Minutes German Animation Dragon and Crocodile play their Checkers. Dragon always loses (more information).
Her Majesty, The Dragon (Potatoes & Dragons) 2004 Jean-Christophe Roger Cookie Jar Entertainment 7 Minutes English / French Animation During a game of checkers, the king makes a rash bet: if the dragon can beat him, he'll let the dragon take his place as king and rule over the kingdom for twelve hours while Hugo spends the same period in the cave.
Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore (The Simpsons) 2004 Matthew Nastuk 20th Television 30 Minutes English Satire / Animation Bart: "Ralph, we're playing Checkers".
Pilot, Part 2 (Lost- Season 1, Episode 2) 2004 Jeffrey Jacob Abrams Buena Vista Television 40 Minutes English Mystery Locke claimed Backgammon is a better game than Checkers, as it dates back 5,000 years.
Tabula Rasa (Lost- Season 1, Episode 3) 2004 Jack Bender Buena Vista Television 40 Minutes English Mystery Locke: "Do you play checkers with your Pop?" - Walt: "No. I live in Australia with My Mom. She got sick, she died a couple of weeks ago."
Bad Santa 2003 Terry Zwigoff Dimension Films 91 Minutes English Christma Crime Comedy Playing checkers (video excerpt).
Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin 2003 Richard Schickel Lorac Productions 132 Minutes English Documentary Quote: "The example I always gave was the difference between chess and checkers. It's like checkers to do it silently. You can figure out the gags... and painstakingly write them, and then execute them..." (video).
Dogville 2003 Lars von Trier Lions Gate Entertainment 178 Minutes English Drama Tom visits everyone before stopping to play checkers with the 'none too bright' Bill and the checkerboard seems like a cheeky metaphor for their surroundings.
Freddy vs. Jason 2003 Ronny Yu New Line Cinema 97 Minutes English Horror Inmates of a mental health institution are playing checkers (video excerpt).
Südsee (Das Traumschiff) 2003 Michael Steinke ORF / ZDF 90 Minutes English Romance Two elderly people play checkers on board the "dream ship".
The Checker King 2003 David L. Gould & Kevin Kelley Fanlight Productions 39 Minutes English Documentary After the death of his wife, 81-year-old Harold O'Brien enters the National Checker Championship.
The Murder of Emmett Till (American Experience - Season 15, Episode 6) 2003 Stanley Nelson PBS 53 Minutes English Documentary Narrator: "Customers were sitting outside, talking and playing checkers in the shade." - (video).
We're So Screwed - La Bomba Into the Lion's Den - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Farscape - Season 4, Episode 21)] 2003 Rowan Woods The Jim Henson Company 44 Minutes English Science Fiction Harvey tells John: "Your dog could beat them at checkers!" .
A Line in the Sand (Sahara with Michael Palin - Episode 2) 2002 Michael Palin BBC 50 Minutes English Documentary Michael Palin wins a game which he compares to checkers in a giant refugee camp in Algeria - (video (starting at minute 22)).
Barber Shop 2002 Tim Story Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 102 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "Checker Fred, just sit there and play checkers."
Improbable (The X-Files) 2002 Chris Carter 20th Century Fox Television, 60 Minutes English Drama / Mystery / Science Fiction Mr. Burt convinces the agents to play checkers, which leads to Reyes noticing that their colors are red and black, which fits into the pattern of the serial killer, he had been killing women by patterns of hair, the last victim being blonde.
Into the Lion's Den - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Farscape - Season 3, Episode 21) 2002 Rowan Woods The Jim Henson Company 44 Minutes English Science Fiction Scorpius takes one of his own checkers and jumps several of John's - thus proving that he wins no matter what game John is playing (source).
Like Mike 2002 John Schultz Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 99 Minutes English Comedy / Fantasy / Sport After Mr. Bittleman jumped, sending his chess game flying, Frank Bernard commented: "Playing checkers, I see."
The Buys (The Wire) 2002 Peter Medak HBO 56 Minutes English Crime / Drama / Mystery Preston 'Bodie' Broadus confuses chess with checkers (video excerpt).
Tussenland 2002 Eugenie Jansen Waterland Film & TV 92 Minutes Dutch Drama Jakob plays checkers against himself and so loses his last friends.
Big Diet (Tag 25) 2001 Margarethe Schreinemakers Endemol [Non-stop] German Reality TV Show Klaus and Daniel play checkers.
Just Visiting 2001 Jean-Marie Gaubert Hollywood Pictures & Gaumont 88 Minutes English/French/German Comedy A checkers board is shown in the museum towards the end of the movie.
The Journey 2001 Eric Saperston Journey Productions Inc. 93 Minutes English Documentary Playing Checkers with Governor Ann Richards (photo).
The Thin White Line (Family Guy) 2001 Glen Hill Fuzzy Door Productions / 20th Century Fox Television 30 Minutes English Animation Brian plays checkers with an old woman (video).
Training Day 2001 Antoine Fuqua Warner Bros. Pictures 122 Minutes English Crime / Drama / Thriller Pervasive language (rated R) comparing chess with checkers: "The shit's chess, it ain't checkers." (video excerpt)
Checkers Dog (Poochini's Yard) 2000 (first aired) Dave Marshall & Dave Thomas EM.TV 30 Minutes English Animation / Comedy The dog Poochini wins 100 out of 100 checkers games - he must go to the World Checkers Championship! (video)
Death Is A Bitch (Family Guy) 2000 Michael Dante DiMartino Fuzzy Door Productions / 20th Century Fox Television 30 Minutes English Animation Two passengers of an airplane are playing checkers.
Episode 3879 (Sesame Street) 2000 Ken Diego, Steve Feldman & Jim Martin Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Big Bird and Snuffy learn that the checkers are not alive.
Gossip 2000 Davis Guggenheim Warner Bros. 90 Minutes English Teen Drama Quote: "Somebody at the PeninsuIa sees him pIaying checkers with the doorman."
Running Mates (Family Guy) 2000 John Holmquist Fuzzy Door Productions / 20th Century Fox Television 30 Minutes English Animation Brian accuses Peter of being unable to handle loosing and recalls a checkers game in which Peter went to lengths to hide the evidence of his loss (photo).
The Emperor's New Groove 2000 Mark Dindal The Walt Disney Company 78 Minutes English Animated Slapstick Comedy Two Checkers players are shown.
Uncle Jenima's Pure Mash Liquor! (Saturday Night Life) 2000 Beth McCarthy-Miller Broadway Video 90 Minutes English Sketch Comedy Sammy, while playing checkers, asks: "Whatchoo swattin’ at?"
Don't Fear the Reaper (Big Wolf Campus) 1999 Peter D. Marshall YTV 22 Minutes English Comedy / Horror Death is challenged to a game of chess and wins. Then he is playing a game of checkers, and wins again.
Genghis Blues 1999 Roko Beli Roxie Releasing 88 Minutes English Documentary Quote: "Somebody at the Peninsula sees him playing checkers with the doorman ."
Jannes 1999 Rein Hazewinkel [Independent] 59 Minutes Dutch Documentary About the world checkers champion Jannes van der Wal.
Man on the Moon 1999 Andy Kaufman BBC Films 119 Minutes English Biographical Comedy-drama Quote: "Monopoly, Twenty-one Checkers and Chess."
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (SpongeBob SquarePants) 1999 Walt Dohrn & Paul Tibbitt MTV Networks International 22 Minutes English Animation Mermaid Man illegally moves one of his checkers into a red space before the screen switches to "King Me!" .
The Games We Play (Caribbean Eye #11) 1999 Tony Hall, Christopher Laird & Bruce Paddington Unesco/Banyan 26 minutes English Documentary Showing Draughts in Barbados, Dominoes in Dominica, All Fours in Trinidad, and Warri on Antigua.
Zelyonyy slonik 1999 Svetlana Baskova Supernova Group 86 Minutes Russian Horror / Thriller Quote: "Then we that we wouldn't be completely bored we will play checkers and bet."
Episode 3783 (Sesame Street) 1998 Ted May Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation As Telly plays checkers with Lexine, Rosita shows up again to ask them to help her continue her lecture.
Episode 3764 (Sesame Street) 1998 Ted May Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Rosita and Lexine are playing checkers in front of the Furry Arms Hotel.
Escape from Oz (Season 2, Episode 8) 1998 Jean de Segonzac Levinson/Fontana 68 Minutes English Crime / Drama / Thriller Quote: "What caused the riot? - Two brain-dead, crackhead motherfuckers playing checkers. And then all of a sudden, the world imploded."
Natural Born Kissers (The Simpsons) 1998 Klay Hall 20th Television 30 Minutes English Satire / Animation Grampa in the Flanders' house watching Rod and Todd play checkers.
When You've Got to Go! (Bear in the Big Blue House), also known as "Potty Time With Bear" 1998 Mitchell Kriegman Disney Channel 80 Minutes English Animation Bear is playing a game of checkers with his mouse friend, Tutter. Tutter has to go to the potty, but doesn't want to stop playing checkers because he is winning (video - part 1 & video - part 2).
A Game of Checkers (Oz - Season 1, Episode 8) 1997 Jean de Segonzac Levinson/Fontana 60 Minutes English Crime / Drama / Thriller A riot breaks out in OZ when two men argue over a game of checkers, and the violence spreads.
For Richer or Poorer 1997 Bryan Spicer Universal Pictures 115 Minutes English Comedy A very short scene of Amish children playing checkers in the living room (in the background).
Lawn Dogs 1997 John Duigan Rank Organisation / Strand Releasing 101 Minutes English Drama Devon Stockard plays draughts with her doll, who loses a limb each time plastic pieces are forfeited.
Summer Cooler (Bear in the Big Blue House) 1997 Hugh Martin Disney Channel 30 Minutes English Animation It's a hot summer day and Bear and everyone else in the Big Blue House are taking it easy. Bear receives a checkers set in the mail and plays checkers with both Pip and Pop and Treelo. To his surprise, they win handily, despite never having played the game before.
Black Sheep 1996 Penelope Spheeris Paramount Pictures 87 Minutes English Comedy Steve Dodds wins three games of checkers in a row. Quote: "I hardly ever play checkers."
Checkers 1996 (?) Pixar / The Walt Disney Company <1 Minute English Animation / Interstitial Woody is playing Checkers with Hand-in-the-Box, who is waiting impatiently for him to make his move. Rex pops up behind Woody and starts giving his opinion on the game while Buzz walks in just after Woody makes his move and tells him "Bad Move." Hand-in-the-Box makes his move and clears the entire board much to Woody's disappointment.
King Me (also known as "Checkers with Aliens") 1996 (?) Pixar / The Walt Disney Company <1 Minute English Animation / Interstitial Woody plays a game of checkers with the Aliens, but the aliens manage to win by somehow levitating the checker pieces and finish by saying "King Me".
Le Damier – Papa national oyé 1996 Balufu Bakupa-Kanyinda (?) 40 Minutes French Comedy The film tells the story of the president of a fictitious African nation who spends a sleepless night playing checkers with a pot-smoking vagabond who is claimed to be the "all-around champion". (more information).
Trials and Tribble-ations (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) 1996 Jonathan West CBS Television Distribution 45 Minutes English Science Fiction Benjamin Sisko and Jadzia Dax playing Space Checkers (photo).
Le Damier 1996 Bakupa Kanyinda Balufu Centrale Productions / Myriapodis Films 40 Minutes French Drama To pass a sleepless night, the creator of life, first citizen of his country, plays a game of draughts with a man from the road who is said to be a champion of all categories.
Phenomenon 1996 Jon Turteltaub Touchstone Pictures 123 Minutes English Fantasy-drama George: "I wish we could go back to checkers. Maybe I could win."
12 Monkeys 1995 Terry Gilliam Universal Pictures 127 Minutes English Science Fiction Cole nods and Jeffrey shows card table where patients are playing cards, checkers, chess, or working on jig saw puzzles: "Here's the games. Game vegitize you. If you play the games, your voluntarily taking a tranquilizer."
Circle of Friends 1995 Pat O'Connor Savoy 103 Minutes English Drama /Romance Eve and Aidan are playing draughts. Aidan wins.
Les Cent et Une Nuits de Simon Cinéma 1995 Agnès Varda 20th Century Fox 101 Minutes French Comedy Quote: "Anyway, we have to finish our game of checkers."
The Big Green 1995 Holly Goldberg Sloane Walt Disney Pictures 100 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "And even checkers at Piggly Wiggly will need math too."
Toy Story 1995 John Lasseter Pixar / The Walt Disney Company 80 Minutes English Animation Slinky Dog likes playing checkers with Woody.
Vsyo budet khorosho 1995 Dmitri Astrakhan Fora Film 100 Minutes Russian Comedy Quote: "And Petya has grown up, he already knows the letters, l taught him. And we play checkers with him."
Death Match 1994 Joe Coppoletta Horseplay Productions Inc. 94 Minutes English Drama Quote: "There's two types of fighters--there's a chess player and a checker player. A chess player takes two hits to give one, and a checker player would never take any and give you four, five, or six. Which one are you?"
Episode 3194 (Sesame Street) 1994 Lisa Simon & Jon Stone Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Snuffy asks Ruthie to look after his sister Alice while he and Big Bird play checkers.
Shawshank Redemption 1994 Frank Darabont Columbia Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures 142 Minutes English Crime / Drama Red and Andy Dufresne playing checkers (photo).
Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood (The Simpsons) 1993 Jeffrey Lynch 20th Television 30 Minutes English Satire / Animation Clancy Wiggum: "I keep telling you, lady: your husband and son have to be missing for a week before we can start searching. I'd like to help sooner, I would. But we're very, very busy down here. (Hangs up phone) Sheesh! (Turns to dog, whom he's playing checkers with) King me."
Indien 1993 Paul Harather Dor Film 90 Minutes German Road Movie Quote: "What is the northern ice-cap of our planet called? lf that's not your strong point, we can play something else. Checkers, pick-up-sticks, dominoes."
Meatballs or Consequences (Animaniacs) 1993 Steven Spielberg Warner Bros. Pictures 11 Minutes English Animation During a visit to Sweden, the Warners run afoul of Death, who tries to take Wakko away after he eats one too many meatballs during a contest. To save him, Yakko and Dot challenge Death to a game of checkers (video).
Philadelphia 1993 Jonathan Demme TriStar Pictures 125 Minutes English Drama A medical clinic is shown, where patients played checkers and talked while waiting their turn to get hooked up to intravenous drips.
Community Action (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Season 2, Episode 17) 1992 Andy Borowitz Warner Bros. Television Distribution 23 Minutes English Sitcom Quote: "You're playing each piece like losing it hurts. This ain't checkers. You want my king." [Same as in Episode 6, 1991]
Episode 2946 (Sesame Street) 1992 Lisa Simon & Jon Stone Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation PMonty brings a pineapple over to Prairie so he can point out the many things one can do with a pineapple, such as play on a tire swing with it, pretend it's a dog, or teach it to play checkers.
Episode 2932 (Sesame Street) 1992 Lisa Simon & Jon Stone Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Prairie beats Mommy Snuffle in another game of checkers.
Leap of Faith 1992 Richard Pearce Paramount Pictures 108 Minutes English Drama Steve Martin, having witnessed a real act of divine healing, walks out amidst all the people who came to his sermon and sees Americana---people telling stories, reading the Bible, playing checkers, all happy, and he realizes that healing is more than just healing the physical body and that faith is real.
Udju Azul di Yonta 1992 Flora Gomes Arco Iris 90 Minutes Portuguese Drama Amilcar's father wants to beat Vicente at draughts.
Beauty and the Beast 1991 Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise Walt Disney Pictures 84 Minutes English Animated Musical Fantasy Film Gaston flips over a table that men are playing checkers on.
Guess Who's Coming to Marry (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Season 2, Episode 6) 1991 Andy Borowitz Warner Bros. Television Distribution 23 Minutes English Sitcom Quote: "You're playing each piece like losing it hurts. This ain't checkers. You want my king."
Kathy & Mo: Parallel Lives 1991 Art Wolff EMK Productions 58 Minutes English Comedy Quote: " Monopoly, 21, checkers and chess."
La Gloire de mon père 1990 Yves Robert Gaumont Production 105 Minutes French Biographical Drama Quote: " Uncle Jules spoke all evening like an erudite professor while my father, a certified school examiner who played checkers so well, and threw balls so well listened to him with an attentive and even ignorant air, like a pupil."
Las Cartas de Alou 1990 Montxo Armendáriz TVE 92 Minutes Spanish Drama The game of checkers functions as a metaphor between "blacks" (illegal immigrants) and "whites".
Sara's Homecoming (Road to Avonlea) 1990 Kevin Sullivan Sullivan Films 47 Minutes English Drama Aunt Hetty and Sara play checkers.
Music Box 1989 Costa-Gavras TriStar Pictures 124 Minutes English, Hungarian Drama Quote: "Well, he goes to church, to the cemetery. He buys strudel at the bakery, he plays checkers in the park. He even makes a few bets on the Cubs and the Bears games."
Batteries included 1988 Eduardo Dinero & Greg Barkhurst VCA 75 Minutes English Adult Quote: "Now, you move out, you go to Miami, you sit in the sun, listen to Bing Crosby, play checkers, bingo..."
Burger King Triple Jump Checkers Game! 1988 (?) Burger King 1 Minute English Commercial A lottery involving a checkers-like game (video).
[ Episode 2485 (Sesame Street) 1988 Jon Stone Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Bert teaches his pigeon, Bernice, checkers. Sketch] repeated in Episode 3057, 3096, 3130, 3145, 3986, 4030, 4058 & 4155 (video).
Queeg (Red Dwarf) 1988 Ed Bye BBC 30 Minutes English Comedy Rimmer is playing draughts/checkers with a scutter (and losing badly).
Armstrong (DuckTales - Season 1, Episode 6) 1987 Alan Zaslove Walt Disney Television Animation 22 Minutes English Animation Quote: "And, ha-ha-ha, I can play a mean game of checkers with it, too."
batteries not included 1987 Matthew Robbins Universal Pictures 106 Minutes English Fantasy Carlos suggests to play checkers (video excerpt).
Episode 2227 (Sesame Street) 1986 Jon Stone Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Bert tries to ask Ernie to play a game of checkers with him - repeated in Episode 2608 & 3875.
The Aurora Encounter 1986 Jim McCollough Jim McCullough Productions 90 Minutes English Science Fiction One woman shoots at the pint-sized alien after it peeps at her undressing, while it joins old-timer Charlie Hawkins playing checkers.
The Color of Money 1986 Martin Scorsese Touchstone Pictures 120 Minutes English Drama / Sport Fast Eddie Felson says: "Checkers sells more than chess."
A Soldier's Story 1984 Norman Jewison Columbia Pictures 101 Minutes English Drama Quote: "I played checkers with Cobb till 9:30 and then I went to bed."
The Outsiders 1983 Francis Ford Coppola Warner Bros. 91 Minutes English Drama Quote: " What do they do for kicks around here? Play checkers?"
U.F.O. (Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince - Season 1, Episode 2) 1983 (?) CBS 22 Minutes English Science Fiction Prince Yubi and Zax playing checkers (video excerpt).
WarGames 1983 John Badham MGM/UA Entertainment Co. 114 Minutes English Science Fiction Jim: "Probably classified, too. - If it's military, why does it have games like checkers and backgammon? - Those games teach basic strategy."
Missing 1982 Costa-Gavras Universal Pictures 122 Minutes English Drama Quote: In a week we're all playing (...) checkers." (video excerpt).
If We Only Have Love (Dionne Warwick) 1981 James Petrie United Way 4 Minutes English Music Video Old men playing checkers in city park (video excerpt).
Private Lives (Sanford) 1981 Jim Drake Tandem Productions 21 Minutes English Comedy Two men playing checkers (video).
Coal Miner's Daughter 1980 Michael Apted Universal Pictures 125 Minutes English Biographical Film Two scenes with boys playing checkers in the back of the room (video excerpt; another scene)).
Phantom of the Roller Coaster (Wonder Woman - Season 3, Episode 23 1979 John Newland Warner Bros. Television 46 Minutes English Adventure Quote: "You should learn to play chess, Mr. Pierce. Wonderful for the mind. - Are you kidding? I have enough trouble with checkers."
Death on the Nile 1978 John Guillermin Mersham Productions 134 Minutes English Mystery Film Checkers board on the cruising boat.
The Wiz 1978 Sidney Lumet Universal Studios 134 Minutes English Musical Film Children playing checkers (video excerpt).
Marie-poupée 1976 Joël Séria Coquelicot Films 120 Minutes French Drama Quote: "Grandpa and grandma came to see me and told me you said hello. - I'm doing well but I miss our games of checkers and our long evenings with grandpa and grandma."
Casablanca - Shifty Checkers 1973 Don Adams Aurora 1 Minute English Commercial Promoting Aurora's checkers variant Shifty Checkers (video).
Walking Tall 1973 Phil Karlson Cinerama Releasing Corporation 124 Minutes English Crime / Drama / Thriller Lutie says: "You really are out of touch. Man that place is nothing but an old museum. Strictly Senior Citizens. Why, they even play checkers on the bar."
Deliverance 1972 John Boorman Warner Brothers 110 Minutes English Thriller Quote: "Right over there's the old fire station. Played a lot of checkers over there."
The Last House on the Left 1972 Wes Craven Hallmark Releasing Corp 81 Minutes English Horror Policemen play checkers instead of doing their work.
Little Murders 1971 Alan Arkin 20th Century Fox 110 Minutes English Black Comedy Quote: "Golf? Ping-Pong? Checkers? Oh, you must have some fun."
Episode 0274 (Sesame Street) 1971 Robert Myhrum Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Bert is reading a book when Ernie startles him by asking if he wants to play checkers. Bert says, "I thought maybe you weren't here!" Ernie starts to search to see if he can find himself. Repeated in Episode 0715 and also shown in the German co-production Sesamstraße, Folge 0872 (video).
Rebel Rousers 1970 Martin B. Cohen Four Star Excelsior / Raunchy Tonk 74 Minutes English Biker Film / Crime Two checkers scenes.
Episode 0150 (Sesame Street) 1970 Robert Myhrum Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Big Bid goes off to play checkers with a pigeon.
Episode 0115 (Sesame Street) 1970 Neil Smith Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Susan passes some kids playing checkers, then greets the viewer.
Flock of Love (Lassie) 1970 Bonita Granville Wrather Productions 30 Minutes English Adventure / Drama / Family Lassie befriends an elderly man whose claim that the flock of birds he feeds love him is scoffed by his cynical checkers opponent. But the faithful birds will surprise them.
[The Traveling Executioner] 1970 Jack Smight MGM 95 Minutes English Western Stacey Keach was playing checkers (photo).
Episode 0014 (Sesame Street) 1969 Neil Smith Children's Television Workshop 60 Minutes English Animation Buddy and Jim try to play checkers, but they can't get their chairs facing the right direction. Repeated in Episode 0030, 0043, 0050 & 0107.
Sorry Doctor, I Ain't Takin No Shots (Petticoat Junction - Season 7, Episode 8) 1969 Elliott Liwis Filmways Television 30 Minutes English Comedy Janet tries to reason with him, use an old checkers playing friend (Uncle Joe) to soften him up.
The Love God? 1969 Nat Hiken Universal Pictures 101 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "Used to play this when I was a kid. Checkers."
The Mark of Gideon (Star Trek: The Original Series) 1969 Jud Taylor CBS Television Distribution 50 Minutes English Science Fiction Space Checkers can be seen ‘way over at screen left (photo).
The Southern Star 1969 Sidney Hayers Columbia Pictures Corporation & Euro-France Films 102 Minutes English / French Comedy / Crime Plankett is playing checkers with shot glasses full of whisky for playing pieces moaing "Please make a move; I'm thirsty" as he looks at his dullard opponent with complete disappointment.
Uncle Joe Retires (Petticoat Junction - Season 6, Episode 22) 1969 Ralph Levy Filmways Television 30 Minutes English Comedy Uncle Joe learns that his big news has made him the laughing stock of the valley as everyone is talking about what a big deal he's made of retiring from nothing to doing what he always does: fish, play checkers and take naps.
Zbrodniarz, ktory ukradl zbrodnie 1969 Janusz Majewski PRF "Zespol Filmowy" 94 Minutes Polish Crime Quote: "Do you play checkers sometimes? - Not really. - That's better, I prefer to play with myself."
By Any Other Name (Star Trek: The Original Series) 1968 Marc Daniels CBS Television Distribution 50 Minutes English Science Fiction Two Space Checkers sets can be seen in the recreation room, where both game sets of Space Checkers get destroyed rather spectacularly during a fight between Captain Kirk and the Kelvan Rojan (photo 1 & photo 2).
Emmett’s 50th Birthday (Mayberry R.F.D.) 1968 Hal Cooper R.F.D. Productions 30 Minutes English Comedy / Family The chief pastry girl at Boysinger’s Bakery, stops by Emmett’s establishment just in time to see county clerk Howard Sprague and gas pump jockey Goober Pyle play a cutthroat game of checkers.
Bonnie and Clyde 1967 Arthur Penn Warner Bros. Pictures 111 Minutes English Crime Bonnie and Clyde played checkers and photographed each other incessantly.
The Alternative Factor (Star Trek: The Original Series) 1967 Gerd Oswald CBS Television Distribution 50 Minutes English Science Fiction Space Checkers can be seen aboard USS Enterprise (photo).
The Trouble with Tribbles (Star Trek: The Original Series) 1967 Joseph Pevney CBS Television Distribution 50 Minutes English Science Fiction Space Checkers can be seen in two places in the recreation room aboard USS Enterprise (photo 1 & photo 2).
Valley of the Dolls 1967 Mark Robson 20th Century Fox 123 Minutes English Drama Quote: "I started playing checkers with this cute little girl."
Alfie 1966 Lewis Gilbert Paramount Pictures 114 Minutes English Drama Harry and Alfie play draughts.
I've Got a Little Song Here (The Monkees - Season 1, Episode 12) 1966 Bruce Kessler Raybert Productions 30 Minutes English Comedy As Mike goes to answer the knock on the door, Peter cheats him at checkers (video).
Le Roi de Cœur 1966 Philippe de Broca Les Productions Artistes Associés 102 Minutes French Comedy-drama Quote: "Love is played like checkers, black and white."
Ophelia Finds Romance (The Addams Family - Season 2, Episode 20 ) 1966 Sidney Lanfield Filmways Television 30 Minutes English Comedy, Horror Morticia Frump Addams: "I wish I could say the same for Uncle Fester. I caught him cheating at checkers."
Charlie X (Star Trek: The Original Series) 1966 Lawrence Dobkin CBS Television Distribution 50 Minutes English Science Fiction Space Checkers is played in both the recreation room and (in the extreme foreground) in the briefing room aboard USS Enterprise (photo 1 & photo 2).
The Conscience of the King (Star Trek: The Original Series) 1966 Gerd Oswald CBS Television Distribution 50 Minutes English Science Fiction Space Checkers can be seen in the recreation room aboard USS Enterprise (photo).
The Naked Time (Star Trek: The Original Series) 1966 Marc Daniels CBS Television Distribution 50 Minutes English Science Fiction Three-dimensional Checkers ("Space Checkers") is played in the recreation room aboard USS Enterprise (photo 1 & photo 2).
Where No Man Has Gone Before (Star Trek: The Original Series) 1966 James Goldstone CBS Television Distribution 50 Minutes English Science Fiction Space Checkers makes its first appearance on-camera. It is being played by the two extras behind Mister Spock in the Briefing Lounge (photo).
Aboard the Orient Express (Get Smart - Season 1, Episode 13) 1965 Frank McDonald Paramount 30 Minutes Engllish Comedy Maxwell Smart played checkers with his chess pieces, while the Chief watches.
Caretaker (The New Three Stooges) 1965 (?) A Cambria-Normandy Production (?) English Comedy (Live-action Wraparound) Larry and Joe clean out the elephant cage while Moe plays checkers with a chimpanzee.
Kate Bradley, Girl Volunteer (Petticoat Junction - Season 2, Episode 18) 1965 Richard L. Bare CBS 30 Minutes English Comedy Uncle Joe plays a game of checkers with Higgins, the dog (photo).
Ride in the Whirlwind 1965 Monte Hellman Walter Reade Organization 82 Minutes English Western Quote: " I don't know. You want to play checkers? - You got any checkers. - Yes we do. - Can we use them? - Playing checkers.....Stealing horses..... -What's the matter with you?"
Alleman 1964 Bert Haanstra Haanstra & Haanstra Producties 90 Minutes Dutch Documentary People play international


Nothing but a Man 1964 Michael Roemer Nothing But a Man Company 95 Minutes English Drama Checkers which are just bottlecaps -- one player has the caps facing up, the other has the caps facing down (movie scene).
The World of Henry Orient 1964 George Roy Hill United Artists 106 Minutes English Comedy Two string bass players are deeply involved in a game of checkers.
Snowy Hydro - Where Men and Mountains Meet 1963 (?) (?) 3 Minutes English Documentary The workers are shown drinking beer, playing cards, darts and draughts (video).
Under the Yum Yum Tree 1963 David Swift Columbia Pictures 110 Minutes English Quote: "This is a very respectable unit, my boy. It's all elderly, family-type folk around here. - Yeah, chess and checkers group, maybe a bingo once a month. - Besides, you couldn't afford the rent."
Baba Sy Senegal Draughts Champion 1962 (?) (?) 2 Minutes [Silent] Documentary Various shots inside one of the big rooms in the Hague with 150 draughts boards set on lines of tables. Baby Sy, the world famous Senegal champion is seen walking down the lines of boards moving a draught on each board as he passes.
Allergies Anonymous (The Real McCoys) 1962 (?) Marterto Productions 30 Minutes English Comedy Checkers night has a new twist: George is allergic to Grampa’s checkerboard.
American Thrift 1962 (?) Handy (Jam) Organization 26 Minutes English Documentary Grandmother and grandson play checkers.
Kid Galahad 1962 Phil Karlson United Artists 96 Minutes English Musical Film Quote: "They're not New York boys, so their faces won't be familiar. to any boxing commissioner who drops by. They're as legal as a nice game of checkers in this state, Willy, and they'll be staying with you for a while."
The War Lover 1962 Philip Leacock Columbia Pictures 105 Minutes English War Film Quote: "Nine o'clock, Farr. Get cracking! - What do you think I'm doing, playing checkers? - Hey, they got Perkins."
Blacktail (Lassie - Season 7, Episode 1 1960 Gerald Schnitzer Wrather Productions 30 Minutes English Adventure Timmy tries to make up for Jerry's handicap by letting him win at checkers, but Paul and Ruth explain this is cheating Jerry.
Doctor in Love 1960 Ralph Thomas Rank Organisation 93 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "Couldn't you play draughts or something?"
Práče 1960 Karel Kachyna Filmové studio Barrandov 84 Minutes Czech War Film Quote: " l smell a game of draughts! - Good day, fellas."
Village Sunday 1960 Stewart Wilensky Stewart Wilensky 12 Minutes English Documentary Men playing checkers in Greenwich (video).
The New Librarian (The Real McCoys) 1960 (?) Marterto Productions 30 Minutes English Comedy After George cancels their usual date to play checkers, Grampa steps in to thwart the budding romance between George and the new librarian.
Black Creek Encounter (Frontier Justice) 1959 Roy Del Ruth Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) 30 Minutes English Western Big Jim Morrison finds himself pitted against a tough checkers hand in Billy Morrison (a repackaged episode from Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater, which didn't show the checkers scene).
Donald in Mathmagic Land 1959 Hamilton Luske Buena Vista Film Distribution Company 27 Minutes English Animation Quote: "Let's begin with a game that's played on squares. - Checkers? - No, chess, - Chess?" (video).
Grandpa's New Job (The Real McCoys) 1959 Hy Averback Marterto Productions 30 Minutes English Comedy Luke: "I wonder what it would be like to have a normal grandpa? A nice, old man that just plays checkers, chews tobacco, and scratches his self once in a while!"
Lady Bug (Goodyear Theatre - Season 3, Episode 7)] 1959 (?) Screen Gems 30 Minutes English Drama A thinking robot, who was an expert checkers player, and little Benny play checkers (not chess as often wrongly stated!) to see who is the best. .
Our Man in Havana 1959 Carol Reed Columbia Pictures 111 Minutes English Drama / Thriller / Comedy Famous liquor bottle checkers scene (video excerpt).
The Great Discovery (The Real McCoys) 1959 Hy Averback Marterto Productions 30 Minutes English Comedy Luke and Grandpa play checkers (video excerpt)
The Perfect Houseguest (The Real McCoys) 1959 Hy Averback Marterto Productions 30 Minutes English Comedy Grampa remarks about George: "I didn't know he done dishes. I thought his only vice was cheatin' at checkers!"
Two's Company (The Real McCoys) 1959 Hy Averback Marterto Productions 30 Minutes English Comedy Luke and Grampa's nightly checkers games leads Kate to feel like she is being neglected.
Why Braceros? 1959 (?) (?) Council of California Growers 19 Minutes English Documentary Photo of Mexican farmworkers who are playing checkers to prove that they aren't mistreated in the U.S. (video).
Ewa chce spac 1958 Tadeusz Chmielewski Zespol Filmowy "Syrena" 95 Minutes Polish Comedy Quote: "Maybe draughts?"
For Love or Money (The Real McCoys) 1958 Hy Averback Marterto Productions 30 Minutes English Comedy George and Grampa play checkers (video excerpt)
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 1957 John Sturges Paramount Pictures 122 Minutes English Western Quote: "How can you sit there like you're playing checkers?"
Heaven Knows, Mr Allison 1957 John Huston Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation 106 Minutes English, Japanese Drama Sister Angela attempts to teach her companion checkers.
In the Suburbs 1957 (?) On Film, Inc. 20 Minutes English Advertising Sales Promo Film Teach your child to lose by playing checkers (video).
Sweet Smell of Success 1957 Alexander Mackendrick United Artists 96 Minutes English Film Noir Quote: "I don't print blind items. - What is this? Chess or checkers?"
The Artist (Lassie - Season 3, Episode 25) 1957 Lesley Selander Classic Media 26 Minutes English Adventure / Drama / Family Gramps plays checkers with Miss Chapen, after they became friends (video).
The Egg War (The Real McCoys) 1957 Sheldon Leonard Marterto Productions 30 Minutes English Comedy Luke and Pepino play checkers (video excerpt).
Baby Doll 1956 Elia Kazan Warner Bros. 114 Minutes English Black Comedy / Drama Quote: "A boy in here a while ago beat me playing checkers."
Bob le flambeur 1956 Jean-Pierre Melville Organisation Générale Cinématographique 102 Minutes French Gangster Film Quote: " Lemme think it over. It's not like playing checkers."
Pardners 1956 Norman Taurog Paramount Pictures 91 Minutes English Comedy The story starts in the old west when Slim and Wade is forced to defend, well not before they finish their checkers game, their ranch and families from masked raiders.
The Solid Gold Cadillac 1956 Richard Quine Columbia Pictures 99 MInutes English Comedy / Romance Quote: "You see, this man, Mr. Tobey, he used to live next door to me and when he was sick I used to play checkers with him and sometimes I'd make him a little soup or something."
The Man Who Knew Too Much 1956 Alfred Hitchcock Paramount Pictures 111 Minutes English /French / Arabic Thriller Inside Ambrose Chapel young listless Hank McKenna is sitting at a small table. He is playing checkers with the woman who was standing with the autograph hunters. Hank has caught the woman in a checker trap, and with obvious satisfaction jumps three of her men.
Gramps' Birthday (Lassie - Season 2, Episode 14) 1955 Lesley Selander Classic Media 26 Minutes English Adventure / Drama / Family Gramps remembers his weekly checkers game with neighbor, Matt Brockway, but forgets his birthday (video).
Grandpa's Christmas Visit (The Bob Cummings Show) 1955 Rod Amateau Laurel and McCadden Production 30 Minutes English Comedy Grandpa is tiring out the family during the holidays with his late nights and early mornings. Bob and Margaret try to slow him down with an evening of checkers.
The Gift (Lassie - Season 2, Episode 16) 1955 Philip Ford Classic Media 26 Minutes English Adventure / Drama / Family Gramps defends checkers as a game of skill (video).
The Passenger Train (Second Edition) 1955 (?) Encyclopaedia Britannica Films 11 Minutes English Documentary During the train trip a kid reads, plays checkers, has a sandwich, and spies on his neighbors opening and closing their wash basins.
The Rival (Lassie - Season 2, Episode 10) 1955 Lesley Selander Classic Media 26 Minutes English Adventure / Drama / Family Gramps has a little heart to heart with Jeff, while playing checkers (video).
Feud (Lassie - Season 1, Episode 7) 1954 Sheldon Leonard Classic Media 26 Minutes English Adventure / Drama / Family During Gramps' and Matt Brokway's weekly Checkers game, they have a falling out, which affects everyone around them, especially Jeff and Porky (video).
The Carnival (Lassie - Season 1, Episode 12) 1954 Sidney Salkow Classic Media 26 Minutes English Adventure / Drama / Family While at the carnival, Jeff leaves Gramps playing with "Checkers Charlie" and attends the sideshows.
Titanic 1953 Jean Negulesco 20th Century Fox 98 Minutes English Drama Quote: "One game of checkers before we turn in? - Yes, sir"'
At Sea With Weather Ship (Astra Gazette No. 12) 1952 (?) (?) (?) English Propaganda Film Work on a draughts board.
Les Marins Congolais á Anvers 1952 Gerard de Boe & Emile Degelin C.I.D. 12 Minutes French Documentary Short checkers scene.
Sailor Beware 1952 Hal Walker Paramount Pictures 108 Minutes English Comedy Quote: " What type are you? - Oh, the quiet type. I go to bed at 9:00, see a movie now and then,read some books, play checkers."
Going Steady? 1951 (?) Coronet Instructional Films 11 Minutes English Educational Film Jeff plays a checkers game with his father.
Gateway Drug Facts: Drug Addiction 1951 (?) Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc. 21 Minutes English Educational Film Marty is caught, sent to a drug rehab center (where he cuts down dead corn stalks and plays checkers), and reforms.
A Chance to Play 1950 (?) March of Time 18 Minutes English Educational Film Old men playing checkers in the park.
Angry Boy 1950 Alexander Hammid Affiliated Film Producers 31 Minutes English Documentary Mr. Randall and Tommy are just ready to start a game of checkers when she returns and stops the game. She insists that Tommy study fractions with her.
Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town 1950 Charles Lamont Universal Pictures 79 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "What's your game? - I don't mind checkers now and then if the stakes ain't too high."
The Men 1950 Fred Zinnemann United Artists 85 Minutes English / Spanish Drama Ellen and Ken playing checkers (photo).
The Big City 1950s Richard Heffron Guggenheim (Charles) & Associates, Inc. 23 Minutes English Documentary Disembodied hand playing checkers.
Friendship Begins At Home 1949 (?) Coronet Instructional Films 15 Minutes English Educational Film Mom offers ice cream, Diana offers to get his suit pressed, and kid brother Dick plaintively asks to play checkers. "Boy," Barry cries, "how I'd like to play checkers with you right now!" (video)
Jolson Sings Again 1949 Henry Levin Columbia Pictures 96 Minutes English Biographical Musical Quote: "How about a game of checkers tonight, Papa?" (video).
Take Me Out to the Ball Game 1949 Busby Berkeley Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 93 Minutes English Comedy / Musical Quote: "How about a game of checkers? - Checkers? That's for firemen."
3 Godfathers 1948 John Ford Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 106 Minutes English Western Quote: "So that Perley character starts playing checkers with us."
The Dark Past 1948 Rudolph Maté Columbia Pictures 75 Minutes English Psychological Thriller Quote: "What's this game like? [pointing at a game of chess] Checkers? - Not exactly. It's more complicated. It requires a great deal of patience." ([video]).
The Old Shell Game 1948 Seymour Kneitel Paramount Pictures 7 Minutes English Animation Turtle playing checkers (video).
Here Is The Gold Coast 1947 John Page Central Office of Information (COI) 35 Minutes English Documentary Short checkers scene (video).
Holiday Affair 1947 Don Hartman RKO Pictures 87 Minutes English Romance / Comedy Quote: "Talk Carl into a game of checkers, I might let him off dishes."'
Miracle on 34th Street 1947 George Seaton 20th Century Fox 96 Minutes English Christmas Film Quote: "How about a little game of checkers after lunch, eh?"
Om het wereldkampioenschap dammen 1947 (?) Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision 1 Minute Dutch Documentary Match between R.C. Keller and P. Ghestem (World Championship in International Checkers, Amsterdam).
The Jolson Story 1946 Alfred E. Green Columbia Pictures 128 Minutes English Musical Biography Quote: "I used to be a champ back in Washington. Come on, I'll play you a game. - Checkers, now? You just came in. How about unpacking? - We got months to unpack. - Months."
The Stranger 1946 Orson Welles RKO Radio Pictures 95 Minutes English Crime Mr. Wilson plays draughts with the town clerk.
Our Vines Have Tender Grapes 1945 Roy Rowland Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 105 Minutes English Drama Martinius and Selma spend quality time together over a game of checkers (photo).
Delivery of Christmas Post by Air in Northern Burma 1944 (?) War Office Directorate of Public Relations 4 Minutes [Silent] Propaganda Film Men playing draughts; another pours out tea.
Die Deutsche Wochenschau Nr. 699 1944 (?) UFA 22 Minutes German Propaganda Film German fighter pilots return from patrol, eat, exercise, receive ultra-violet ray treatments, and play billiards and checkers.
Going My Way 1944 Leo McCarey Paramount Pictures 130 Minutes English Comedy / Musical A quiet game of checkers (video excerpt).
Nazi prisoners volunteer for work in U.S. camp 1944 (?) (?) 1 Minute [Music] Propaganda Film Prisoners playing draughts and table tennis.
Prisoner of War in U.S. 1944 Ed Herlihy Universal Studios 1 Minute English Propaganda Film Nazi prisoners of war devour their food, and return to the recreation rooms for checkers, ping pong and music by a German band.
The Town 1944 Josef von Sternberg U.S. Office of War 11 Minutes English Propaganda Film Man with cigar makes move on checkers board ([video]).
Together Again 1944 Virginia Van Upp Columbia Pictures 93 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "Would you like to play some checkers or something? - If we're going to rot here together, we might as well be gay about it. I don't suppose you realize that most women live eight lifetimes and don't get a chance at a fellow like Georg Corday. You... - What are you crying about? -I hate checkers."
Operation of C-1 Autopilot, Part 2: Setting Up for Bombing 1943 (?) Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co. 24 Minutes English Training Film Quote: "What is it, like, checkers? - Not really. It's a better game than checkers. You play checkers with your pop?"
Two Weeks to Live 1943 Malcolm St. Clair Jack Votion Productions Inc. 73 Minutes English Comedy Two elderly small-town men from Arkansas are playing checkers at a country store when they learn that one of them has inherited a railroad from his deceased uncle.
Bowery at Midnight 1942 Wallace Fox Monogram Pictures 61 Minutes English Crime / Horror Tramp Playing Checkers at Friendly Mission.
Hop, Skip & Jump 1942 (?) (?) 3 Minutes English Short Music Film Charlie Spivak goes into a surreal dream in which he is standing on a stack of checkers conducting the band which is arrayed in the squares of a checkerboard playing the title song Hop, Skip & Jump.
Quattro passi fra le nuvole 1942 Alessandro Blasetti Società Italiana Cines 95 Minutes Italian Drama Quote: "What do you do all night? - See? I play checkers. I play by myself, so I always win. Old age is not nice! We are a nuisance to everyone."
American Eagle Club 1941 (?) (?) 4 Minutes English Propaganda Film Games room where the men play darts and draughts.
Captured Italian Airmen 1941 (?) (?) 1 Minute English Propaganda Film Men strolling, reading newspapers, playing draughts.
The Strawberry Blonde 1941 Raoul Walsh Warner Bros. 97 Minutes English Romance James Cagney and Olivia De Havilland play checkers (photo).
Cupid At Anzac Buffet 1940 (?) (?) 3 Minutes English Propaganda Film Servicemen on leave play draughts, sing around a piano, read magazines, etc.
Dreaming Out Loud 1940 Harold Young RKO Radio Pictures 81 Minutes English Comedy Perhaps the funniest scene has the two of them playing checkers; when Lum quits, Abner decides to go right on playing checkers by his lonesome, only he gets in a big argument when he accuses himself of cheating.
Let Yourself Go! 1940 (?) Handy (Jam) Organization 8 Minutes English Documentary Short checkers scene (video).
South Dakota Saga 1940 (?) Handy (Jam) Organization 31 Minutes English Documentary Men play chess and checkers.
Destry Rides Again 1939 George Marshall Universal Pictures 94 Minutes English Western Playing checkers with the major (video excerpt).
Young Mr. Lincoln 1939 John Ford 20th Century Fox 100 Minutes English Fictionalized Biography Quote: " "The sheriff says he never had anybody in here who could beat me playing checkers."
The Thundering West 1939 Charley Chase Columbia Pictures 56 Minutes English Western While Helen watches the Judge and Tucson play checkers, the doctor drives up to check on his patient.
Bear Facts (Our Gang - Episode 164) 1938 Gordon Douglas MGM 11 Minutes English Comedy Spanky and Alfalfa are playing checkers on Saturday morning, with Buckwheat and Porky watching since none of them have anything better to do. At the conclusion of one game, Spanky is down to a single king, but Alfalfa makes a very bad move, after apparently getting approval from the two spectators, and Spanky captures all of Alfalfa's remaining checkers with a rare septuple jump (video).
Marie Antoinette 1938 Woodbridge Strong "Woody" Van Dyke, Jr. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 149 Minutes English Biographical Drama Quote: "We were just enjoying a game of checkers."
Tassels in the Air (Three Stooges) 1938 Charley Chase Columbia Pictures 17 Minutes English Slapstick Comedy Curly's jacket goes from buttoned, then unbuttoned when he and Larry are playing checkers with the paint cans.
Captains Courageous 1937 Victor Fleming Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 115 Minutes English Adventure Film Quote: "You want to row over for a game of checkers?"
She Loved A Fireman 1937 John Farrow Warner Bros. Pictures 58 Minutes English Action / Drama / Romance Red seems to think firemen are slackers who play checkers or rescue cats all day.
Love Is News 1937 Tay Garnett 20th Century Fox Film Corporation 77 Minutes English Comedy / Romance Quote: "Fine animal you got here, Mr. Jeffrey. Play polo? - No. Do you? - No. Checkers is my game." (movie scene)
Every Sunday 1936 Felix E. Feist Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 11 Minutes [Silent] Short Film / Musical Men playing checkers.
Love on the Run 1936 Woodbridge Strong "Woody" Van Dyke, Jr. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 80 Minutes English Comedy / Romance Quote: "More backgammon? -No, thank you. - Casino? Checkers?"
Rural life in Southern mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky 1935 (?) Critical Past 1 Minute [Silent] Documentary Men play checkers on a porch, holding the checker board on their knees. A man sits nearby and watches the game.
Lady Killer 1933 Roy Del Ruth Warner Bros. 76 Minutes English Comedy / Crime Quote: " I think I'll stick to checkers."
Okraina 1933 Boris Barnet Mezhrabpomfilm 98 Minutes Russian, German Drama Quote: "They played checkers with my father all the time. - He was the one who taught me."
The Silk Express 1933 Ray Enright Warner Bros. Pictures 61 Minutes English Drama / Mystry / Thriller Summit telegrapher playing checkers.
Cock of the Air 1932 Tom Buckingham The Caddo Company 80 Minutes English Comedy The table on which Craig and Whatever are placed is a checker pattern and therefore they are inspired to play a game of checkers with the cocktails.
The Royal Bed 1931 Lowell Sherman RKO 73 Minutes English Romance King Eric passes his time playing checkers with his assistant Phipps.
The Smiling Lieutnant 1931 Ernst Lubitsch Paramount Pictures 93 Minutes (original version) English Romance A frustrated daughter and her concerned father play a game of checkers on the same bed. Quote: "Black or White? - I don't want to play checkers!"
Brats (Laurel and Hardy) 1930 James Parrott Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 20 Minutes English Comedy Laurel and Hardy are spending a night in with the kids. The fathers are playing checkers and snooker, but are constantly distracted by their own incompetence and by their children, constantly bullying each other and trying to stay up late (photo).
Soup to Nuts (Three Stooges) 1930 Benjamin Stoloff Fox Film Corporation 71 Minutes English Slapstick Comedy Fireman playing checkers.
Windjammer und Janmaaten - Die letzten Segelschiffe 1930 Heinrich Hauser Filmarchiv Amsterdam 35 Minutes [Silent] Documentary Below decks two men play draughts (video excerpt).
Chelovyek s kinoapparatom 1929 Dziga Vertov (?) 68 Minutes [Silent] Creative Documentary People are playing checkers in a Soviet pub.
The Manxman 1929 Alfred Hitchcock British International Pictures 129 Minutes [Silent] Drama Pete and Philip play checkers, waiting on news from upstairs.
His Unlucky Night 1928 Harry Edwards Mack Sennett Comedies 22 Minutes [Silent] Short Comedy Andy Clyde plays checkers with Pussums (a cat) (video).
No Man's Law 1927 Fred Jackman Pathé Exchange 55 Minutes [Silent] Comedy / Western After losing a game of checkers to see who will leave the cabin, Sharkey throws the table against Spider knocking him to the floor.
Tretya meshchanskaya 1927 Abram Room (?) 80 Minutes [Silent] Comedy Kolia and Volodia are absorbed in a game of draughts, while Liuda sits bored at her window.
The Fouth Alarm (Our Gang - Season 5, Episode 2) 1926 Robert F. McGowan Hall Reach Studios 20 Minutes [Silent] Comedy One of the gang is envious of the firemen because they spend most of their time playing checkers and snoring (video).
Innocent Husbands 1925 Leo McCarey THal Roach Studios 21 Minutes [Silent] Short Comedy All Charley wants is to play checkers with his neighbor but his jealous wife thinks he’s stepping out.
Entr'acte 1924 René Clair Société Nouvelle des Acacias 22 Minutes [Silent] Short Film An offscreen jet of water ruins a game of checkers.
Asleep at the Switch 1923 Roy Del Ruth Mack Sennett Comedies 22 Minutes [Silent] Short Comedy Ben Turpin plays checkers against Cameo the Wonder Dog in a train depot (video excerpt).
The City Slicker 1918 Gilbert Pratt Rolin Films 12 Minutes [Silent] Short Comedy Two old men playing checkers with Snub Pollard kibitzing.
The Mystery of the Leaping Fish 1916 Christy Cabanne & John Emerson Triangle Film Corporation 26 Minutes [Silent] Short Comedy Coke Ennyday, scientific detective, has a quick game of checkers with his manservant when he's supposed to be embarking on a case.
The Fireman 1916 Charles Chaplin Mutual 24 Minutes [Silent] Short Comedy The excited Frenchman get a fireman away from his game of checkers (video).

Metaphorical Meaning[]

These films do not relate to checkers as a board-game in a literal sense. In English and French "checkers" is often used as a metaphor for sexual intercourse. Sometimes the game can take on other metaphorical meanings too.

Title Year Director Distributor Running time Languages Genre Description
Deja Vu All Over Again (Jersey Shore - Season 2, Episode 12) 2010 (?) 495 Productions 40 Minutes English Reality-TV The girl replies "what, I never said anything about checkers old man."
Kit and Kaboodle (Good Luck Charlie) 2010 Bob Koherr Disney Channel 23 Minutes English Comedy / Family Amy Duncan tells her daughter that when she and her husband started dating, they didn't do a lot of talking, but were mostly playing checkers.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 2009 Michael Nay DreamWorks Pictures 149 Minutes English Science Fiction Film When the crazy robot girl says she wants to have fun, and then Sam says, "Wanna have fun, ok lets play some checkers"! (video excerpt).
Wyvern 2009 Steven R. Monroe RHI Entertainment 89 Minutes English Horror Quote: "That's funny coming from a guy who plays checkers with himself."
Smother 2008 Vince Di Meglio Screen Media 92 Minutes English Comedy Quote: " It sticks his balls against the microwave! - Helen stood five foot six and loved playing checkers. - I'm sure we can all agree Helen was an outstanding checkers player."
The Snuke (South Park - Season 11, Episode 4) 2007 Trey Parker Comedy Central 22 Minutes English Animation Quote: "Hey Baahir, since we get to home, you wanna come over and play checkers?! - Sure, okay! - Alright!"
Taxi to the Dark Side 2007 Alex Gibney THINKFilm 106 Minutes English Documentary Quote: "In bed with what they call "comfort", which is objects such as toothbrushes, but also games of checkers."
Funny Money 2006 Leslie Greif Castel Film Romania, FWE Picture Company & Tobebo Filmproduktions 98 Minutes English & Romanian Comedy Henry confuses draughts with darts. Quote: "We were in the middle of the game of draughts. Draughts..." - "You know, darts. Henry!"
Hard Luck 2006 Mario Van Peebles Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 101 Minutes English Action Film Quote: "Will you let me whup you in some checkers later?"
George Carlin: Life Is Worth Losing 2005 Rocco Urbisci able Stuff Productions 75 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "Yeah, it's right up there on the bulletin board. Checkers, handball, cornholing."
Silent Warnings 2003 Christian McIntire Sci Fi Channel 87 Minutes English Science Fiction Quote: "What do they do for fun in this pIace? - Play checkers? - Hey, I think it's kind of cute, alright?"
Girl Fever (also known as "100 Women") 2002 Michael Davis Dream Entertainment 98 Minutes English Comedy Quote: "What are you doing with my box that we can play checkers?"
It Takes Two 1995 Andy Tennant Warner Bros. Warner Bros. English Romance Quote: "Might we entice you to play something? -Of course. I'd be delighted! Whatever did you have in mind? Checkers?" (video).
The Woman in Red 1984 Gene Wilder Orion Pictures 87 Minutes English Romantic Comedy Quote: "You guys want to play some checkers?"
Tom Horn 1980 William Wiard Warner Bros. 98 Minutes English Western Quote: "Now sit down, and I'll whip your ass at checkers."
Les tripes au soleil (also known as "Checkerboard") 1959 (USA: 1969) Claude Bernard-Aubert Les Films Fernand Rivers 125 Minutes French Drama The title of the English release symbolizes the relationship between Whites and Blacks in racist America.
Seven Sinners 1940 Tay Garnett Universal Pictures 87 Minutes English Drama / Romance Quote: "It's been a good many years since I've done any dancing. Getting too old for that sort of thing. I getting so I get out of breath playing checkers."

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