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Gorgon is a modern variant of checkers, which was invented the Chris Huntoon (USA) in 2001. The rules were influenced by Altdeutsches Damm-Spiel.

The game was implemented on SuperDuperGames in 2007.


The game is played on a chess board. The lower right corner square ("Green") must be dark.

The 16 men (called "Gorgons") of each player are located on their first two rows. One player rules the green men (on the lower side), his opponent the red men (upper side). The men are marked on their bottom side.

Green starts. Players then alternate moves.

The men move diagonally forward to the next square, when nothing can be captured.

Unlike other checkers variants, Gorgon has no promotion. However, pieces can continue to move after they have reached the furthest row by starting anew on the player's first row in the next turn. In other words, the first and the last row is considered to be connected as if the board is actually cylindrical in shape.

Adjacent opponent's pieces are captured by jumping over them, either sideways, diagonally or straight forward, landing in a in a straight line on the other side. Only one piece may be captured in a single jump; however, multiple jumps are allowed on a single turn. The direction may be changed each time.

Captured pieces are not removed, but turned upside down. They cannot move for the remaining game and are blocks, that is, other pieces may not move unto their squares nor jump on them.

A player wins the game when the opponent cannot make a move. Draws appear to be very rare and might even be impossible.


The original game didn't have forced captures, although the designer later permitted them as a variation. Some players believe that forcing players to make the largest capture, when there are capturing moves to choose from, leads to interesting tactics and a better game.

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