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Jeux de dames au café Lamblin au Palais-Royal

The painting

Jeux de dames au café Lamblin au Palais-Royal (Draughts Games in the café Lamblin at Palais-Royal) is a famous painting, oil on canvas, which was created by the French artist Louis-Léopold Boilly (5 July 1761 – 4 January 1845) before 1845. It shows a game of International Draughts (10x10) played in an inn with numerous kibitzers around them. Café Lamblin is a famous Parisian café. It was founded in 1805 and is situated just north of the Louvre Palace.

Louis-Léopold Boilly was a gifted creator of popular portrait paintings, he also produced a vast number of genre paintings vividly documenting French middle-class social life. His life and work spanned the eras of monarchical France, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Empire, the Bourbon Restoration and the July Monarchy.

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