Checkers & Draughts Wiki

Eventually, we hope that this wiki will include biographical pages on many important checkers players, both past and present. However, we recognize that, thanks to a wide range of active game sites, many players choose to develop their checkers skills primarily through online competition, either because they cannot attend local tournaments or do not wish to do so. This section offers a chance to establish brief biographical sketches for checkers players, both online and offline, in adherence with the policies below. The idea here is to give information, not opinions (whether positive or negative) about a given player's skills and interests.


1. All pages must include a player's real name as the main page title, though online aliases may be listed in the body of the article. If you are editing a page other than your own, please get permission from the player first to release this information.

2. Players may post online ratings (please specify the site), checkers-related anecdotes, favorite games, hobbies, tournaments attended, etc.

3. When posting individual checkers games or problems, please use standard PDN index notation and diagrams from the FMJD Diagram Generator, for the sake of consistency.

4. Keep player bios relevant to the game and, wherever possible, neutral in tone. Personal attacks will not be tolerated, and will result in your Wikia ID being banned.