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Shashki Durejsa ("Dūrējs' Checkers" - шашки Дурейса), also called Tribuny ("Tribuns" - Трибуны), is a modern variant based on Russian Checkers.


The game has almost the same rules as Russian Checkers.

Differences are:

  • Each player needs 24 checkers, which are arranged in their first rank as trojnymi ("triples" - тройными), in their second rank as dvojnymi ("doubles" - двойными) and in their third rank as shashki ("ordinary pieces" - шашки).
  • The dvojnymi ("doubles") are promoted to dvojnye damki ("Double-Ladies" - двойные дамки), the trojnymi ("triples") are promoted to trojnie damki ("Triple-Ladies" - тройные дамки).
  • If a piece is jumped, only one checker is removed. That is, a triple is demoted to a double and a double is demoted to an ordinary checker. A triple lady is demoted to a double-lady and a double-lady is demoted to an ordinary lady.

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